Springman Braden Wilson Pontius - Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius P.C. violated the FCRA and FDCPA as well as Colorado State Law.

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Denver BBB case # 75147644

I have incurred statutory and actual damages from the improper, unethical and illegal reporting and collection practices initiated and perpetuated by the lawfirm Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius P.C.

Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius P.C. did, through their agent and Partner Kristi Bunge, report and attempt to collect a business debt as a

personal debt.

The original creditor was Red Peak Properties the owner of 1600 Glenarm Place.

I signed with RedPeak Properties for a corporate apartment at 1600 Glenarm Pl. on behalf of a company for whom I was an officer. At the time, our company was a publicly traded entity with many hundreds of shareholders.

The company was subsequently sold along with all assets and liabilities through a lawfirm in the Pacific Northwest to a company in the pharmaceutical industry. Red Peak claimed liquidated damages for a lease break in the amount of over $6,000.

This alleged debt is corporate debt, not personal. It was disputed and contested. At some juncture, Red Peak hired Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius P.C. to collect this debt.

Through this course of action, Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius P.C.

somehow acquired my social security number and began reporting this debt improperly on my PERSONAL credit report and also attempted to improperly collect this debt from me personally.

As a lawfirm, originally incorporated in the State of Colorado in 1995, Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius P.C. knew, should have known or was reckless in not knowing that a "C Corporation" constitutes a seperate legal structure from the persons that operate said corporation as "Officers" and or "Directors", while attempting to classify and collect an alleged corporate debt as a personal debt.

On 5/23/2011 Kristi Bunge, a partner at Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius P.C. was given opportunity to correct this issue by discontinuing the incorrect, unethical and illegal reporting and collection activities and she chose to ignore the issue instead.

I have also filed a complaint against her with the Colorado Supreme Court Board of Attorney Regulation for Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius' illegal and unethical activities, violations of FCRA 623 & 611 and FDCPA 805 and 809.

As of June 7, 2011 this matter has not yet been litigated.

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They have been trying to serve me fines that are all fabricated.For 1 it is against the law to seek or to collect a debt from someone on ssi.

Second the case is completely fabricated saying I left the property with damages well I have in my possession photos of the apartment after I moved out each with a corresponding time stamp.The and lord was a complete slum lord.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #820209

This matter has now ben fully litigated and the person who posted the original complaint lost his case. I guess he forgot to update the posting.


I also have been hit with charges that are unfair even tho the original issue is my responsibility.They insist they send letters, which I don't receive, and then double the charges for me not responding in time.

I don't know who is worse - the attorney or the condo associations that hirer these people.Times are tough enough without going through this without any recourse.

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